Aran Prog Project Biography

Aran Prog Project begins in 2018 by the unquiet mind of the Italian Bass player and composer, Massimiliano ‘MarFi’ Gentilini.
Firstly started as a remote collaboration project between session musicians from the Progressive scene of Barcelona, and all around the world (Italy, Spain, Canada, South America and Germany), with the purpose to start recording something.

“MarFi” started writing many years ago a Progressive Rock/Metal and Fusion album, with each different song from the album representing a different time and space trough the history of living beings.
The idea of this album was inspired by album “Darwin” by the legendary Italian Prog Rock band “Banco del mutuo soccorso” from 1972.

Aran works are highly inspired not only by BMS, but also by other many different Prog artists, from the classic Yes, PFM or King Crimson, to modern Prog Metal band like Dream Theater, Haken or Tool.

Even so, our project has the purpose to not be “closed” on a definitive and only music style, but to mix different kinds of Progressive music and Fusion, trying to break the limits between Prog Rock, Prog Metal and Modern Jazz.

In 2018 a first single was released, Cambrian, with two special guests like Mario Jovic (Guitar) and Abel Sequera (Drums). It has been also the first single recorded by the second stable member of the formation, mr. Rafa Rodriguez, who has worked from the beginning with the Bassist “Marfi” Gentilini in the production of this project. The single has been recorded with a studio video at Sureau studio in Barcelona (Spain).

In may 2020, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic lockout, Marfi and Rafa Rodriguez joined forces with Mr. Cameron Fleury and Mr. Rodrigo Alva to record and release the second single with video, “Modern Era” (this time working remotely). The same two guys also recorded the majority of drums and rhythmic guitars tracks on the album.

In 2021 it’s time to introduce the first singer (and stable lead singer member) of the band, Silvia Antón, with a new single and video lyrics, “Origin”. Mario Jovic repeated working with us on this crazy single about the origin of the universe and the Darwin’ evolutionism. Cameron Fleury also repeated on drums, Marfi on Bass and Rafa at Keyboards, as always.

In 2022, Xavier Alomar (Guitar) and Agustín Milton (drums) joined the band to play in live shows with a stable formation. 

At the same time, the band released the fourth single, with a second lyrics video (“The Expansion of Matter”) and to introduce Aran’ first full conceptual álbum, “EVO – A Progressive Journey”.

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Aran Prog Project Members

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Massimiliano “MarFi” Gentilini

Bass player, Composer & Producer

Massimiliano “MarFi” Gentilini is an Italian Bass player, teacher, composer and producer living in Barcelona (Spain) since 2010. He is been a profesional player and a session musician from the age of 18, recording and playing for many Prog Rock and Metal bands like Death Keepers (with Mike Vescera), Brotherhood, Urban Trapezee and Brave New Worlds. He is the main composer and producer of the band and he also has a degree obtained at “Jam Session – Modern Music and Rock High College”

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Silvia Antón

Silvia Antón Garcia was born in Barcelona in 1991. She first began her musical studies as a classical pianist and played as a profesional musician since the age of 14. Years later, she decided to study a superior degree as a Singer at “Jam Session – Modern Music and Rock High College” where she graduated in Rock voice and new trends. Todays, she’s a Piano and Voice teacher and plays in many bands of different styles like Rage to Antonio Machine, Oaks & Fahia, Las Powerpuffs and Caca Túas.

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Xavi Alomar

Lead Voice and Keys

Xavier Alomar is a Guitar Player born in Mallorca (Spain). He moved to Barcelona in 2013 and ever since he has played in several Metal and Rock bands like Anti-Hero and Nuraghe. He also has a superior degree in modern music obatined at “Jam Session – Modern Music and Rock College”

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Rafa Rodríguez

Keyboards, Voice and Arrangement

Born in 1989 and trained in classical piano and Jazz/Modern, Rafa has a superior degree obtained in “Jam Session – Modern Music and Rock College” in Barcelona. In the Metal scene, he is the keyboardist of Aran Prog Project and brotherhood band. Regarding other genres, he’s working on his first solo album of his personal jazz project.


Agus Milton


Drum player, percussionist, composer, producer & session musician, Agus Milton has a wide experience as an international professional musician.Founder of projects like Tangel Trio, MollitiaM or v7 Band, right now owns Estudio 5D, in Barcelona.
He collaborates with numerous bands and artists, such as SerapiS Project, Dais Rock Band, Victoria Yanez, and, of course, Aran Prog Project.

Special Guests on Our Albums:

Cameron Fleury – Drums

Abel Sequera – Drums

Arnau Alonso Montané – Drums

Ernesto Garcia Pagavino – Drums

Mario Jovic´– Guitar

Eric Grau Benitez – Guitar

Quim Fernandez Bowen – Guitar

Ramiro Alva – Guitar

Daniel Valladares – Guitar

Miguius Magnificus – Guitar

Eimel Nisrain Trejo Lobo – Guitar

Rodrigo Gracia Pagavino – Guitar

Tomás Rooney Lorenzo – Voice

Celia Del Barco Canales – Voice

Progressive Metal Band based in Barcelona