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Aran Prog Project Discography


Aran Prog Project – Cambrian (2018)

Aran Prog Project – Modern Era (2020)

 Aran Prog Project – Origin (2021)

Aran Prog Project – The Expansion of Matter (2022)

New Album:

Aran Prog Project EVO (A progressive Journey)

New Album

EVO ( A Progressive Journey) is our first EP, recorded with 20 musicians and guests from all around the world in a perfect mix between Rock, Metal and Fusion. 
The Album it’s a conceptual work, that relate the history of human being, the Earth and existence itself.
Every song corresponds to a different Era of the Universe, starting from the Big Band (Origin), passing trough  the formation of the  Earth and Solar system and the evolution of  living beings (Evolution Suite), until reaching Humans and modern society growth (Modern Era).
The work with many session musican recording on this EP has helped to create in every song a unique mix , and the three different voices that you can listen on the album also helps creating a new and original experience.

Progressive Metal Band based in Barcelona