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Progressive Psychedelic Rock and Metal Band

Are you ready for the ultimate Psychedelic Prog journey?
Travel to the space, to the ocean or to the beginning of universe with our video experiences.

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Aran Prog Project  is a music collaboration project created by Massimiliano ‘MarFi’ Gentilini. 
The project joins musicians from the Progressive scene of Barcelona and other countries around the world. 
Now, they are launching a conceptual Progressive Rock/ Metal and Fusion Album, EVO (A Progressive Journey) that through the songs represents a different time and space trough the history of living beings

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The band

Aran Prog Project Discography


 Aran Prog Project – Cambrian (2018)

Aran Prog Project – Modern Era (2020)

Aran Prog Project – Origin (2021)

Aran Prog Project – The Expansion of Matter (2022)

Aran Prog Project EVO (A progressive Journey)

New Album

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Progressive Metal Band based in Barcelona